Robert Gill grew up in the tough, rough and tumble town of Bayonne, New Jersey. His Dad struggled working three jobs to support his Mom and four children. Although there was no shortage of love, life centered around the constant dysfunction of a lack of money. There was absolutely zero financial education which resulted in a constant fear of the unknown: money.
He have since been obsessed to provide the much-needed financial education that is so lacking in the world, so no one has to experience the pain and helplessness that his family did.

Rob has learned from experience, people don’t want just money. In over 20 years of working in the financial services space, him and his team have done over 23,000 cash flow analyses and over 10,000 financial plans. What he has learned is that the one thing that people want most is Financial Freedom.

They want the Freedom to do WHAT they want, WHEN they want, HOW they want and with WHO they want WITHOUT financial or time constraints. This is exactly what he sets out to do for each and every client.


With his innovative approach and individualized service, Eddie Gartner helps clients maximize their wealth as they plan for their financial future. Going beyond traditional financial planning and advising, Eddie provides focused strategic planning which is designed to help coordinate and balance what clients want to achieve, with access to the products and services they can use to help get there.


As a Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS) and having a Certificate in Business Succession Planning, he has an in-depth understanding of the many strategies and advanced concepts available in today’s business market place, and understands that each client has a uniqueness that needs to be handled in that manner. 


Eddie earned his Bachelors of Science in Economics.  He also earned his professional designations through the American College.  Eddie enjoys spending time with his family at the lake or playing a round of golf.  He currently resides in Warren, NJ with his wife Kirsten and two children Kaleigh and Gavin.


Dave has been in leadership and Financial Planning since 1999 (21 years) He joined EPIC Financial Strategies 2 years ago as a Financial Planner. Dave has managed over 40 Million in Investment Assets & Was a National Training officer for new advisors in the UBS Home Office. Dave is active with the Alzheimer’s Foundation. He is happily married to wife Melissa and 3 children, Gabrielle, Charlotte, Tyson in Mahopac NY.


Marcella Wallace is an advisor at EPIC Financial Strategies based out of the Dallas, TX area. Marcella or Marci to those that know her, is known for her high energy, love of problem solving and desire to help as many people as possible create their lasting legacy. 


After becoming a client in 2022, Marci decided to join the Epic team.  It was a natural choice for her bringing together her passion for entrepreneurship, service and helping families. In addition to her degree from Western Oregon University, Marci has also completed the Tony Robbins Mastery University program, and has been an entrepreneur for the last 15yrs. 


Marci’s favorite part of being with Epic is the people; she’s a big believer that everyone should have the opportunity, education and access to the financial tools to help them create their personal legacy. When she’s not helping clients at Epic, you can find her spending time with her family, traveling and investing in real estate.


Klaus has been serving in the financial space for over 18 years, But Voluntary Benefits has been his passion. Klaus has helped small and large business owners as  well as school districts, municipalities and correctional facilities, enhance their benefit package at no direct cost to the company,  as well protect the employees  paychecks and set up a blue print for retirement. Klaus has also recruited and trained hundreds of new agents and put them on the path of success, he is especially proud that a number of his recruits  now manage fortune 500 companies and implement the same training strategies. 


          While in service to his clients, he found himself entrenched in school districts and helping teachers plan accordingly for their maternity leave, protecting their paychecks and showing alternative ways of saving for the future. Klaus has also served as the  Ambassador to the  Children's Hospital of Atlanta where he worked with other agents to raise money to help fight the battle of childhood cancer. 

          You can follow Klaus on LinkedIn, he is known as The Teachers Financial Guy where he educates over 10,000 educators daily on the importance of protecting themselves from the unknown while helping them plan for retirement.

          Klaus lives in Middletown NJ with his wife Laura who is currently a school teacher for over 20 years and their 3 children Connor, Molly and Declan.


With over 29 years of experience in the financial services industry, including stints as a portfolio manager for a private money manager, David's combination of experience, professionalism and access to a wide variety of products and services can help you meet your financial goals, estate strategies and insurance needs. Whether your goals include preparing for milestone life events like retirement or college, or whether you’re simply looking for life, disability income or long-term care insurance protection, David promises, along with the team at EPIC, to give you a new level of attention, insight and capability.


Davis is also a proud 3-time NYC Marathon finisher and enjoys regularly competing in endurance competitions, including half and full Ironman triathlons.


Justin recently came to the financial services industry and utilizes his career experience in the energy construction and defense industries to help individuals and families energize and protect their wealth. Justin is committed to excellence and providing financial knowledge and assistance in the financial industry. Justin holds an International MBA from the Royal Agricultural University in the UK. Justin is married to his lovely wife, Kaylee. He has a son Mason and a daughter London. He currently resides in Tucson, AZ.


Parker is considered to be the hands behind the branding and marketing of EPIC Financial Strategies. He is experienced in all aspects of brand building and has brought EPIC's presence to life over the years by creating and building social media platforms, marketing campaigns, consistent content creation, website design, print marketing and more. 

Parker is a graduate of Georgian Court University with a BA in Graphic Design and

Digital Media. He currently resides in Monmouth County, NJ. Parker is also an experienced Master of Ceremonies for a NJ entertainment company, with experience speaking in front of thousands of guests at weddings all over the Tri-State Area. He also enjoys traveling,  

graphic design, fitness and health.


Antwuan Bell has been working in the financial services industries since 2012. He has 9 years of knowledge and experience with life and medical insurance. His goal is to educate families and aid and information regarding importance of insurance, retirement etc. Antwuan brings exception service to his clients by listening to their needs and working to implement a plan that meets their concerns & is licensed in 5 states. Antwuan was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, FL and outside of work he likes to go to the gym.


Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Antonio was a baseball player througout his life. After a great 4 year career playing division 1, Antonio decided to get into the financial services industry. Shortly after, he and his partner started a podcast (The LearnLead Podcast) which eventually led to the meeting of EPICS founder Rob Gill. Through the immediate synergy created on that podcast, Antonio came aboard the EPIC team and hasnt looked back since. He looks forward to servicing his clients at the highest of levels


Alexa Criollo is a Wealth Strategist at the renowned EPIC Financial Strategies in Red Bank, NJ. She has been working in the financial services industry for over 3 years and specializes in making sure her clients have the appropriate tools, so they are well prepared for their financial future. Alexa experienced the repercussions of lack of financial education early in life and that inspired her approach of guiding financial planning with education. She ensures that her clients are well-informed and can make educated decisions when it comes to their money.


Today she has the privilege of helping individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs in protecting, leveraging, and building their wealth. She is an active public speaker on topics such as financial literacy, money mindset, and financial planning. Alexa is a SUNY New Paltz graduate, a proud Latina, and currently lives in Queens, NY.


The only thing she loves more than snowboarding is being bilingual and having the ability to serve those whose native language is Spanish. Her mission is to retire her mother, create generational wealth for her family and continue to guide others in optimizing their financial journey.


Alexandra Lynch has been working in the financial services industry for 4 years. Her main focus is to educate and help clients achieve their financial goals and it has proven through her work as a Financial Services Rep. Alexandra’s also has vast knowledge and expertise in marketing that she credits to her previous employment. She has worked with Robin Roberts at Rock’n Robin Productions as well as Showtime Sports Network. At Rock’nRobin Productions, Alexandra assisted in producing two documentary films for ABC Networks and ESPN that won multiple awards.

Alexandra is a graduate of Marist College and resides in Monmouth County, NJ. She is a board member for RallyCap Sports which helps people with special needs participate in sports and in her free time, she enjoys traveling, fitness, and baking.


After a successful 30 year career in sales, and an early retirement, Bruce has recently joined the EPIC team as a Licensed Insurance Specialist. A dedicated professional,  Bruce is committed to providing financial knowledge and assistance in the Insurance industry.  


 Born and raised in Jersey City,  NJ and a graduate of Upsala College, B.A. in Economics and Business Administration,  Bruce brings a wealth of experience to a very talented EPIC family. Bruce looks forward to once again providing service excellence to all clients.