We at EPIC are highly trained financial strategists show you how to create the optimal amount of wealth with little or no additional out of pocket costs. We create a personalized financial road map tailored to your investment goals as well as create a financial dashboard so you can maximize the integration and coordination of all your assets on one page.


Our mission at EPIC is to make sure you know what is possible and to help you get the Financial Freedom you deserve.



We at EPIC have learned from experience, people don’t want just money. Collectively over 100 years of working in the financial services space, our team has done thousands of dollars in cash flow analyses and over countless customized plans. What we've learned is this: people want Financial Freedom.


They want the Freedom to do WHAT they want, WHEN they want, HOW they want, and with WHO they want WITHOUT financial or time constraints. This is exactly what our team sets out to do for each and every client.


At the same time, we educate you on the advantages of all the financial products available today.

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